Let's kill Internet Explorer 7I spend a lot of time testing web sites and making sure they look right on different platforms, different browsers and just like it’s always been some browsers really make me pull my hair out. Right now, it’s IE 7. Anytime I open up a web site in IE 7 (I have a WinXP install that I’ve saved with it on it), I’m just surprised by how slow web sites open and then all the little design touches that disappear (degrade gracefully).

It really surprised me that IE 7 was finalized in November 2006— almost 5 years ago. I was excited when it was released so we could get rid of the dreadful IE 6. W3 Schools show that IE 7 makes up 6 percent of the current browser market share. As more people abandon Windows XP that will decrease quickly, but if you are viewing this in IE 7 I want to encourage you to move your online life to a new platform– upgrade IE or download firefox, safari or chrome.


One thought on “Which browser would you kill?

  1. I agree with you on IE7. It was built and released rapidly causing all sorts of problems. I see IE9, as a developer, as more of a problem at the moment. Granted, it is a webkit browser (finally Microsoft!), but it can only be installed on a Windows 7 machine and still is behind the times as browsers are concerned. That is just another virtual machine in my library and XP is still selling so I don’t see IE7 or IE8 going anywhere in the near future. Thus, I am left checking four Microsoft browsers on separate VMs on TWO different operating systems.

    And yes, please upgrade your browsers whenever possible!

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