The latest browser usage reports have google’s Chrome browser being used by nearly one out of every 10 users online with Firefox gathering around a 23 percent market share and IE at 57 percent. When I first saw this report I wondered about regional variations in browser usage, but on second thought it really doesn’t matter because you want your sites to be useful by the majority of readers no matter what browser they prefer.

Even though I use Firefox on a daily basis, I always make sure I thoroughly test sites in IE because that’s the browser being used by the majority of our visitors. I normally don’t give our sites as thorough a viewing in Chrome and Safari as I do Firefox and IE and often times I just ignore Opera.

I have to admit that on personal sites I tend to ignore earlier versions of browser (like IE6). Even for a while a ran banner telling IE6 users to upgrade their browser.

One thought on “Which browser do you use?

  1. I’m a firefox devotee and I think we all pretty much ignore Opera. As a blogger I often forget to test in IE till the end of a redesign and then horrified to see the result.

    I’m a fan of banner ads that say dump IE6

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