I’ve worn either glasses or contacts since 2nd grade so I know how important correcting my vision is to be able to do my job– without vision correction I can’t see or do anything. I guess I could just site around and listen to the radio all day. A British company has company with new water based glasses that you do not need an optician or optometrist to distribute– now that’s a disruptive technology!

The way it works is as the glasses get thicker, they get more powerful. Basically, there are two lens that have a clear water based solutions between them and they are connected to little syringes with more solutions hidden in the earpieces with a little dial that allows you to adjust how much liquid is contained between the lenses. The wearer adjusts the glasses until their vision is comfortable (which is better one or two, two or three, three or four) and then they have a new pair of glasses.

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