So twitter has been over capacity for me for about 2 weeks. Every time I log-in whether via web site, twitter iPhone app, other iPhone app or third-party web site (hootsuite or cotweet) I get a big fail whale. If I’m not logged in I can browse around but once I login I cannot see my home feed. I can send tweets, see replies and send DMs, but no twitter community for me. All other twitter accounts that I use still work, but my @lanniebyrd account is dead in the water.

After several attempts on my own to solve the problem (changing my password), I finally google my issue and find a twitter support site that says twitter knows about the issue, but hasn’t solved the problem and asks anyone to experience the problem to leave a comment with their username and any specific details. So, I leave my username with the other 40 pages of comments.

That was two days ago I reported my issue. My twitter account still doesn’t work. Now their are 95 pages of comments on the twitter support page. This is the first time I’ve had extended issues with twitter since I signed on in March 2007. Since I’ve lost touch with all of my twitter pals, I’ve discovered there is absolutely no one left on myspace, but still a lot of people on Facebook. I guess I can live without twitter (if forced) and without twitter I actually found something to blog about for the first time in over two months.

UPDATE: Within 15 minutes of publishing this post twitter started working correctly again. I’m sure it’s not related.

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