Facebook made me do it and other lies told

This must be the day of lists. Newsweek has a great list of the Seven Lies We Tell Ourselves About Facebook. I’ve listed the Newsweek “lie” and my response to it.

  1. I only friend people I really know– I actually only friend people who I am willing to go out to dinner with so my standard is actually higher than this. There are several people who I’ve not friended because I don’t want to eat dinner with.
  2. Facebook made me do it– I refuse to do something on facebook just because everyone else has done it. I won’t play the name game or 25 random things (that’s probably more because I’m lazy than anything).
  3. Wall to wall flirting isn’t cheating – It’s horrible the way some people flirt and friend so outlandishly on facebook where they would be embarassed to be caught flirting in the same manner in real life.
  4. I use facebook to keep in touch with people – I have to agree with Newsweek– I use facebook because I’m nosy (yes, I said it, now you can admit to it, too).
  5. I’m so over facebook– I really am moving in that direction. More now than last week and more next week than now. When your grandma chats with you on facebook and asks you to post a link and then your 6 month old nephew friends you, it’s time to find another place to hang out.
  6. I’m not so competitive– I hate most games- board games or computer games so I don’t care if you beat me. I don’t really know why I hate games. Just playing them really tires me.
  7. Facebook is my friend– Ok. I know facebook isn’t my friend (just look how they flip flopped on their terms of service this week), but I can’t say it’s a business either or at least a successful one. On the other hand, I sure wish that I had come up with the idea and launched facebook or at least something similar where I could sue facebook for stealing my idea.

Bye bye ubuntu

I finished my ubuntu experiment today and went back and wiped my family computer and reinstalled Windows XP. It’s not that I didn’t have a good ubuntu experience, but it’s just my family kept wanting to install programs that only ran on Windows. I finally gave in when my daughter got a Barbie MP3 player for her birthday that only ran on Windows and my wife and I didn’t want her monopolizing our laptops to play with it.

In review here’s how our four months with Ubuntu went…

  • Easy to do a basic install and update. Took some work to get my pci wifi card, but installing a wireless hp deskjet was easier on Ubuntu than windows.
  • Everyone could sit down and use it without additional instruction– even my three year old.
  • Did all the basic great– web browsing, opened word documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints.
  • Ran all of the above much faster than Windows XP on my family computer with less than a gig of RAM.
  • Free operating system and free software– even used GIMP to edit photos.

There and back again

It’s a cliche, but it’s true for me– there and back again. I have bounced around between a couple of places and a couple of different types of jobs. Everyone once in a while I’ll throw a new place in the rotation and here I go again back to a new place that I added last fall.

It’s a long story that as I gain some perspective I hope I will be able to tell it all, but the short of it is soon I will be at UAMS in Little Rock running their Web Center helping them to launch their new consumer site and get a CMS running to standardize their edu site. Continue reading “There and back again”

Focus on what you do best and the leave the rest

  • Too many people waste their time straining to do things that aren’t right for them.
  • Too many managers ask the wrong people to do the wrong job– the job that isn’t a good fit.
  • Too many companies focus on doing business outside their core competency.

How do you solve this problem?

  • Find a job that let’s you do the work that you’re the best at.
  • Don’t grasp at straws when you’ve fallen, rather refocus on your goals.
  • Help your employees find their strength and then put them to work using their strength.
  • Determine what your company does best and stay sharply focuses while outsourcing and spinning off every thing else.