More from Ashton on new social web advertising models

Here’s Ashton’s online advertising model/brand promotion model from the December 2009 Fast Company:

Make entertaining stuff, give it to people where they already are, let them have fun with it, and mix in brand messaging. And because of the viral nature of the Web, each new consumer is cheaper to win than the last one.

Yes, Ashton really does get it. He continues:

Katalyst (his company) is a merger of three industries. A piece of us is connected to ad agencies. Because we get the complex overlay of the social Web, we know how to engage an audience and how to make entertainment for the social Web. And we know how to gain and activate and retain an audience. So we create social networks for brands.

Ashton Kutcher trashes traditional advertising model

For several years I’ve been on a kick that traditional advertising metrics are bogus and it’s impossible to compare traditional advertising numbers with online advertising numbers.  On top of that I think traditional advertising is way, way overpriced when you consider their real numbers. In this month’s Fast Company Ashton Kutcher agrees:

“For years the ad business has been happy to have a completely ambiguous accounting system they’ve been monetizing off of. Now that the web offers a slightly more granular dollars-and-cents audience-acquisition metric – now they’re going to get completely granular about how they’re getting money?”

I shouldn’t be surprised that Ashton can intelligently discuss this, but I have to say that he apparently really does get it.

2009 Online Advertising Trends

The end of the year brings on many predictions for next year. Placecast looks at digital advertising trends for 2009. Again my favorites of their predictions with some comments.

  • View-through metrics gain traction –For at least five years I’ve said theres got to be more than just clickthrough to sale an advertiser as their primary metric and here it comes.
  • Web will be connected to the physical world –geocode, geolocation.
  • Online video consumption will continue to grow –preroll, postroll, overlays will become part of every media buyer’s vocabulary.