Mike Allen shares in interesting report in this morning’s Politico Playbook from the Emerging Media Research Council analyzing social media usage in US Senate elections specifically looking at the Florida Senate race. The draft report outlines three winning social media strategies (which seem pretty much like common sense to me).

  • Facebook – “Candidates who update their profile page regularly give fans a reason to return more frequently, resulting
    in higher rates of interaction and larger fan communities.”
  • Twitter – “High rates of messaging result in greater absolute numbers of followers and a greater level of follower engagement.”
  • YouTube – “The most popular political videos are campaign advertisements and position statements crafted specifically for the Web.”

One thought on “Social media’s use in Senate elections

  1. I agree somewhat except I would add – as you are always good to point out – content is the key. A candidate should put up quality content at regular predictable intervals. And avoid or minimize posts such as “only xx followers from x,x00.” Bad content will drive away followers.

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