I keep switching computers around at work and at home– just jumping from one computer to another to try something different out- and I have come up with a list of tools that I always install first thing when I take a new windows computer to use.  I’ve done this so much lately, that I’ve put all of these tools on my usb drive that I keep on my key ring (isn’t that a geeky thing to have?).

  • Firefox – an extensible browser that renders appropriately
  • Filezilla – easy to use ftp client
  • Notepad ++ – small text file editor
  • VLC – media player that will play almost any video or audio file

When I take on a new Mac or Linux machine I still use Firefox and Filezilla, but have a different text editor.

I also have a set of extensions that I always install in Firefox the first time I use it.

  • Xmarks (was foxmarks) – a bookmarks synchronizer (I don’t use the password sync feature)
  • Firebug – a quick html/css inspector
  • Screengrab! – take a quick screenshot and save it or paste it.
  • Measureit – answers how long or deep is that image?

I have a lot of others that I eventually end up installing when I need them, but these are normally the first four.

So what tools do you always use?

2 thoughts on “My must haves on a new computer

  1. The first thing you should install on any Windose box is Linux, and forget the rest! And there is only one editor you need on a Linux box, and that’s vi.

  2. I’ve got unbuntu on a netbook that I use at home most of the time and it works great for me. I also had it running on an old desktop at home and it was great because it kept the kids from downloading and installing games, but I had to switch it back to XP because Jennifer needed to run some program for the kids school.

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