This is my first report in my “how moving works online” series looking specifically at how moving my utilities work.

Our utility provider is Entergy that also covers portions of Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Entergy has developed sites for each of the areas that they cover, so I used the Entergy-Arkansas site. Once you arrive on their home page it’s pretty straight forward to find the new service -residential option in a drop down menu under the home heading. It took me to a three page Residential Service Application where I had to enter all kinds of information about our new home and myself. When I finished, the form emailed me with an automated response and said I would get an official response within three days. The next day, I received another email from Entergy-Arkansas with no text, but two attachments (one in text and the other an RTF file). The text file contained the information I submitted and the RTF file which was a notification letter letting me know that they had me set-up. Only, I wasn’t so sure that I was set-up because it contained information for approved applications and disapproved applications with parentheses giving directions as to what paragraphs to live in and which paragraphs to delete, but the letter did say to reply to the email if I had any questions and they would respond. So, I did reply with a couple of questions (like am I approved, is this set-up?) and they responded that everything was fine and I was all set to go.

Overall I would give their service a 5 out of 10 because it was easy to find and worked, but I don’t think they have the whole work flow for their processing set-up yet.

I guess you could call this the mid-way report, because I can’t tell you whether or not all the information made to the people who will switch the electricity over to my name, but I think it’s a good bet to assume they did it right, unless I chime in later letting you know more about the problem.

This is utilities in general because my new water provider, Central Arkansas Water, doesn’t allow for online requests for new service. I had to actually call in and handle that, but it really only took me about five minutes.

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