The MLB is at odds with the media again in it’s debate over whether or not it can own the facts of the game. This time is a bit more interesting because they are mad at ESPN– the cable channel that helps sustain baseball as everything else is letting them down. ESPN ran a graphic of the MLB All-star players on SportsCenter with information obtained from the AP during the MLB imposed embargo period for this information. MLB had embargoed the information because they sold exclusive rights to the information to TBS for a live selection show. In this case, MLB is not suing ESPN (because they don’t have a cause), but it has decided that it is going to shut ESPN out of all all-star game coverage to teach them a lesson.

Let’s review for the MLB’s sake. Information such as the player’s on a roster, their number, batting average, ERA and game stats and scores are all just information that is not able to be owned by anyone. MLB is allowed to act like my toddler and not let ESPN play at the all-star game for not following their rules, but they aren’t allowed to sue over someone else using their information.

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