When it comes to web video length , I’ve always said the shorter the better with a sweet spot being around 60 to 90 seconds. Video 2 Zero has taken an interesting look at  how long people will watch web video analyzing audience attention span coming to the conclusion that ideal run-time for web video 2.5 – 4 minutes. I know that will be a relief to any video producers out there, because it is rare to find a producer (and I used to be one pre-web) who can say anything in less than 90 seconds.

Attention Span for web video

For their analysis six top video sites (excluding YouTube) let Video 2 Zero  have access to their statistics for two weeks giving them 188,055 videos, totaling 22,724,606 streams to break down.

2 thoughts on “Maybe your video can be a little longer

  1. Good info. I will have to adapt the Tolbert Report videos accordingly. My guess though is that including YouTube into the study would have driven done the average viewing time.

  2. Yeah, I think your right that youtube would have driven it down. Since the study is only analyzing stats, it also doesn’t take into account the person’s level of interest in what there watching. You’d have to assume some interest for them to start playing the video, but that would drop off rapidly if it’s not what they thought it was.

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