I’ve had two people ask me in the past week if social media was just a fad and really worth putting any resources into. There’s been a lot written on this in the past two years and quite a few clichés, but I thought I would finally weigh in since I’ve recently been directly asked this question.

  1. Word of Mouth. A recommendation from a friend is huge and that’s what happens when people talk about your positively on social media.
  2. It’s where the users are. One out of five web site page views is on Facebook. If you maximize the traffic on facebook to your web site what would that be worth in Advertising spends?
  3. People are already talking about you on social media. Are you going to join in the conversation or just let them talk behind your back?
  4. When they talk about you, you have a great opportunity to help them. Many companies have whole customer service departments set up on Twitter.

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