I have had a Canon Powershot A95 digital camera since April 1995. I bought the camera to take with us to Maui and it took awesome photos, but after I got my Canon 20D Digital SLR I haven’t used it for much more than shooting videos. Today, I was shooting video of my kids with it and after I took a couple of seconds of video the LCD went black with some brown highlights and light streaks. Every second of video I took after that looked just like that LCD screen: black with brown highlights and light streaks. I could go back and look at older movies that I had shot and they looked fine, but the new video looked horrible. It was obvious to me that the image sensor was knocked off center or had a short in it or something. I thought the camera was trashed since it has been out of warranty for at least a year already.

Just to make sure there wasn’t anything I could do I visited Canon’s support website and found a Service Notice describing my problem exactly and offering a free repair. I called their toll free service number and now they are sending me a shipping label to send my camera in for a free repair.

That is great service! I have recommended Canon digital point and shoot cameras to friends and students for a number of years because of their quality photos, custom settings, ease of use and durability. Just when I thought I had found a flaw in their product, I discover instead that I can add great service and integrity to the list.

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