The other day someone asked me what I was really interested in. What do I want to learn more about? My answer was everything. It used to be anything digital, but now everything is digital so I want to learn more about it. At first I loved video (and it became digital in the mid to late ’90s). Then print– it was always digital for me with Pagemaker, Quark and InDesign (originally it was printed out, waxed up and shot). Next was the web (which  put it all together). Finally I found photography (which was always digital for me, Photoshop, no darkroom).

When I started put all those together as digital, the numbers behind it all started to matter- analytics. When I looked across the board in communications I saw the numbers outside of the web- TV, print, direct mail.

Now, I see all those things as communicating with technology. Everything falls into communicating with digital. Convergence.

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