About this blog

Converged media notes on a ride from my newspaper carrier’s bicycle to the information superhighway.

That wasn’t the idea when I started this on blogger February 2001— I was just trying to find an easy way to keep up with all the interesting links I was finding on the web. But, overtime it has evolved into what you see today– which is actually pretty close to what it was originally- me sharing interesting links and ideas.

I know and I have taught all of the concepts behind what makes a blog successful (trafficwise), but I guess that simply isn’t that important to me with this blog. If you have similar interest mix to me  (media, online, politics, religion, healthcare) or you know me from some time of the other (in school, in class or at work) you might find this blog interesting otherwise you will probably move on (like most others have according to my google analytics data).

I really, really like to write in parenthetical statements commenting and explaining what I’ve already said. I’ve broken myself of using them anywhere else except on this blog and personal email, but I think they are going to persist on this blog (so I can have an outlet for them somewhere).

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