The evolution of mobile search

2015 was the year of mobile in the digital industry. Mobile search traffic exceeded desktop search and the search god Google gave priority to websites that were mobile friendly in search. Mobile search will continual to evolve in several ways.

First mobile search queries will lengthen and will become more like natural language search as voice recognition technology in Siri and Google Now advances. We will see the intelligence of voice searches advance to give you answers rather than web pages.

IMG_6505I’ve already seen an advancement in Siri’s ability to handle multi-level search this week in my own personal use. Rapper and actor Ice T was on the show with his new daughter and wife, Coco. I was trying to figure out how old Coco was so I asked Siri how old Ice T’s wife Coco was. i thought this query was too advanced for Siri, but I had already asked how old Coco was and Siri gave me Coco Chanel. I was wrong. Siri handled my advance query breaking down Ice T and recognizing the association with his wife Coco and giving me both of their ages using Wolfram Alpha.

We will also see search become a primary factor in the evolution of navigation on smartphones. You can see this in IOS’s spotlight search providing search results from app content as well as web contact. It is now even more important that you have an app and the app content is search friendly. Google also see’s the mobile search battle coming and is releasing an IOS keyboard to help it’s search functions to compete on a level playing field with Siri and IOS spotlight search.

Four posts down. 361 to go.

Two days down and I missed one!

reid-hoffman-quoteSo I restarted this blog with the idea that I was going to write every day for 365 days. Well, I made it two days and then missed a day. So, I keep going. I make it up. I start again.

In his writing everyday, Seth Godin recommends being completely analytical in your writing. I am so much an observation type personality that I struggle between the differences in observation and analysis. For me they are very much the same as I see things that others miss or find patterns that have not been revealed before.

I’m so glad that digital is forgiving– that I can miss and catch-up. That we can launch and then adjust.