Delivering: Writing new every day


Three years, three months and a few weeks. That was the last time I wrote on this blog. Not the last time I wrote, but just the last time for this blog. I’ve tried writing for it since then and there are numerous drafts hidden in the admin panel on this site, but nothing has been published. Until today.

seth-godin-quoteLast week as a listened to the weekly EntreLeader podcast with Dave Ramsey interviewing Seth Godin. Seth issued a challenge to write analytically everyday preferably on a blog where you publish it for everyone to see. As I was approaching my forty-first birthday this seemed like an appropriate challenge for me for year 42– to write on a blog (this old blog of mine) everyday for 365 days in a row. So on my forty-first birthday, March 23, 2016, I’m reviving this blog with a new theme (new password) and plenty of WordPress updates and a new post. The first of 365 new posts.

I don’t have an agenda or a topic for my next 365 posts. I’m sure much of will be reflective of where I am and what I’m thinking about. At this point I’m very curious how much private information I will share– I like to think I’m transparent, but frankly I’m sure I have my closets I don’t want to let anyone into just like everyone else.  I’m sure I’ll talk about Team SI and what it’s like leading a digital firm that changes every week. I’m sure I’ll write about storytelling and digital marketing. Then of course there’s the areas where I think I’m a SME– healthcare, higher education and journalism. And maybe even posts about my family. We  have some milestones we’ll cross this year. In the search of 365 posts I will probably even delve into those topics you are supposed to avoid– religion and politics.

One down. 364 left.